$120.00 includes deck and lunch.  Class is limited to 8 beginning students to ensure
individual attention. 
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I've had many intuitive readings plus astrology and numerology and I'm even a channel myself as well as a past life therapist. But the comprehensive, detailed Akashic Records reading and clearing that I had with Debra was a game-changer!

What she shared with me was a profound mind blower and made everything fall into place since it was the missing piece of the understanding of my entire incarnation. Since then I have had more peace, surrender and confidence about the future, have been manifesting more easily and letting go of old limiting patterns.

Debra is also very thorough and patient in explaining everything and is loving, empathetic and very caring and supportive in her approach. We also shared a good laugh here-and-there in the midst of all the seriousness. I felt that she genuinely loved to serve.

Sophia Rose,

Holistic Therapist & Wellness Educator

Learn Tarot in a Day

Debra Zachau is, in my opinion, a perfect example of a lightworker.  Some people may not be familiar with that term, but if anyone wants to know who or what a lightworker is and does, just meet Debra. She is dedicated to developing the inner presence and elevation of awareness in ourselves, showing us, by example, how to live with love, joy, and kindness. I first met Debra as a student in her tarot class and could feel her loving energy from the first moment. She is an experienced tarot reader and is currently overseeing the monthly psychic fair at our metaphysical library. Her readings are “right on”.   I feel very fortunate to have met Debra and feel blessed to interact with her as she continues to help us all search for what we strive for each day…..truth, love and peace deep in our souls.

Jan Burke Escondido CA

May 14th 10am - 5pm Carlsbad CA


Realize your potential and understand how important you are to the world. "Soul Realignment is like pushing the 'reset' button on your life"!


Debra Zachau

Grow Your Light

I know one thing to be absolutely true.

A person can't be of true service in the world unless they enjoy a certain level of peace!

I would like to help you find your peace. 


I will show you how the Light that emanates from the Divine mind to your mind, and then from your mind to the minds of others, is a power so great, that within its embrace all negativity turns to good, all pain to peace and all fear to love. Yes, you are that important and powerful!

You need a peaceful mind and heart unencumbered with conflict, guilt, depression, frustration, impatience, and all the other shadow sides of being human.  I’m not saying we need to eliminate all of this… heck, we need these shadows to have a moral compass. What I am saying is that a life lived outside the domination of these emotions, is a life lived within comfort and peace.  When your decisions and ideas come from this place you start enjoying the journey we call LIFE!

How do I do this? By helping you shift from not knowing, to awareness!  Awareness of who you are at soul level.  I can see and identify your Divine Gifts and show you how to live through those Divine Centers.  Once you have that awareness, your life automatically aligns to the Divine, and abundance on all levels appear along with your gratitude and sincere intention to serve others through comfort and security. 

And that my friends, is what a peaceful life looks and feels like.  The world needs you to find your Light!  YOU need YOU to find your peace!