Debra Zachau
The West Coast Psychic

What I am not is a third, fourth or fifth generation psychic taught in secret by women from ‘the old country’.  I am much like you.  Sensitive and caring with a tremendous desire to serve.  Yes, (probably like you) saw ghosts when I was young that my parents told me weren’t real.  Yet, there they were, every night near the closet, giving me stink eye that I interpreted to mean the end of my life was immanent .  If it wasn’t for bed covers, I swear, I wouldn’t be alive today.

And little Angels kept me comforted when things got crazy during my upbringing.  They sat next to me and without talking, impressed on me that I was “going to be alright”.  That “EVERYTHING would be alright”. And, for the most part, they were right.  I grew up a bit dusty and crooked but after showering off all the old family stuff and stretching myself into the ‘80’s life really has been working out and getting better with each year.

It was 1980 when I picked up a book by Jane Roberts called Seth Speaks and then it happened.  An incredible thirst for knowledge overcame  me.  I have (happily) spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars on my education.  And through it all found some awesome teachers to learn from and emulate. I am confident and happy to be living the life I want, teaching the classes I love and serving the people who matter. You.  The Lightworkers.

I am available for calls and texts, also emails every day.   (Tuesdays are a little busy but don’t let that stop you from leaving a message).  I will pick up right away if I’m not in a reading or preparing a Soul Realignment for someone.  Oh, and if I’m not walking my two little dogs, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Newman. Also, I donate a couple of hours a day on a busy international psychic line … with that being said...

At the end of the day it is YOU, and your emotional and spiritual comfort that means the most to me.
I am really looking forward to hearing from you or seeing you in one of my many classes.


Enlightenment happens in an instant,

it doesn't take a lifetime.