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Debra Zachau

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Learn Tarot 

6 Training Hours
Custom Session

These sessions are designed for you to get readings from others and give readings to improve your sensitivity and communications with spirit.  The open session provides the chance to ask me any and all questions to help improve your reading technique.

I have designed six personalized hours of one on one sessions, tailored to your level, giving instant feedback, support and encouragement. This way of learning will save you months of solitary study and vastly increase your learning curve whether you are a beginner or an advanced reader. At every stage you'll have the opportunity to have your personal questions answered and explained.

What to expect:

*How to easily recall each card instantly, including: keywords, phrases, personal techniques, and visual triggers, for full card interpretation.
*Master Court Cards, who’s who and how they apply. Lots of people struggle with the Courts but when we're through  you'll know them as friends!
*Discover hidden clues from the cards before you start reading them.
*Card associations: making the connection of the relationship between the cards and how they interact with each other to weave the story.
*Tarot card combinations, what to look for, and how they apply.
*Recognize and understand the impact of the Tarot on your subconscious; developing intuition and connecting the dots.
*How to objectively read for yourself and confidently read for others. (We'll conduct and explore your full self-reading in real-time together.) 
*Who, Where, When? Making accurate predictions, including timing method.
*Top tips for the most important aspects to ensure insightful readings.
*Ethics, responsibility, the tricky bits… and much more!

The first 2 sessions can run up to 90 minutes.

What you'll need:
To participate all you'll need is a willing heart and
The Easy Tarot from Amazon.

This link will ensure you get the whole kit, cards and deck together.  (Setting up this page I saw that Amazon’s price is lower than it has been.  Good timing huh)?   This course is currently priced at $200.00 (US).  Fee can change without notice.