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While Akashic Readings deal with long-term issues at the Soul level, my readings deal with situations in the here and now. Things that require your attention with day to day living. Understanding the outcomes of your previous choices (which will reveal themselves) combined with what your most probable future is will give us an opportunity to come to new and different conclusions resulting in positive shifts in your life. The best part is the longer the reading the better the price!  New choices New Life!

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A quick turn around on nagging questions make email readings really convenient.  One of the most cost effective ways of getting your answers fast and directly.  I will e mail back as soon as you click the buy button to insure the address is correct… also if I need clarification on what your question is.  (A few have invested in this service and write paragraphs of information without a clear question).  

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When a person is aligned with their Soul’s Divine Purpose, the richness this lifetime has to offer is all around you.  When aligned, mind, body, spirit, you peacefully manifest wealth, love, fulfillment and contentment quickly and with little effort. Your session is recorded and a copy is emailed to you.  Please allow a minimum of two hours for this service.  Profound shifts and practical changes happen during this very important session.

Debra Zachau

Home and Property Clearing ;

Feeling like the energy of your home or property is weird or different?  Has your home been on the market for a while with no interest?  Are you feeling a presence that isn't right?  Are you a realtor trying to market stigmatized properties? Let's clear it out!   Include your full address including zip code.  Turn around time is usually 24 hours.

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