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Having a soul realignment session with Debra was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I feel much more grounded.  I now understand why I set my relationships up to fail!  She did this by identifying and ultimately resolving a specific negative pattern I had regarding relationships.   Fast tracked me through to the answer!  Thank you so much! Happily dating after, Kay G. Seattle WA


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Below is a beautiful audio testimonial from my friend.  Thank you for taking the time to Bless me with this, and to share your story.

Debra, thank you for taking so much time and care on my behalf.  You really pulled out all the stops when it came to my soul challenges and when you told me what you found it totally made sense to me. I am now two months past my realignment and I haven’t felt better!  I sometimes go back and read the homework you sent me, even though the 21 days has passed.  Just feels good.  Feels like the alignment gets tweaked every time I read it.  Dawn Marr Santa Fe New Mexico


I've had many intuitive readings plus astrology and numerology and I'm even a channel myself as well as a past life therapist. But the comprehensive, detailed Akashic Records reading and clearing that I had with Debra was a game-changer!
What she shared with me was a profound mind blower and made everything fall into place since it was the missing piece of the understanding of my entire incarnation. Since then I have had more peace, surrender and confidence about the future, have been manifesting more easily and letting go of old limiting patterns.

Debra’s readings have been amazingly accurate for me personally.  I had my first reading with Debra over a year ago and I have had several readings with her since then.  Debra is highly intuitive and her kindness and compassion shine through in her sessions.  She is a person of high integrity, whom I have had the pleasure of introducing to many of my visitors, here at my local business in San Diego.  The feedback I received was always positive and filled with gratitude.
Love, Alicia

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Debra Zachau

When a person is aligned with their Soul’s Divine Purpose, the richness this lifetime has to offer is all around you.  When aligned, mind, body, spirit, you peacefully manifest wealth, love, fulfillment and contentment quickly and with little effort.

If you long for meaningful relationships, less financial struggle and a clear sense of Divine purpose (which automatically brings with it a clear path of outward expression), you may need to clear blocks created by negative choices you have accumulated though out many lifetimes.

This means, if you are lacking in any way, be it financial, emotional, or spiritual, there may be something in your soul record that has been either covered up and restrained from full expression or has been damaged by trauma in either this life or a past life that is now keeping you from enjoying a fully realized life.

Most people think of Divine self-expression as a place we arrive at in life. Divine self-expression is not a destination.  We don’t achieve it after we have our businesses up and running, or when we finally find a good relationship or when we have arrived at our ideal state of health.

A Soul Realignment session will:

  •  Illuminate your Soul's Divine purpose for this lifetime.

  • Identify what is blocking you from creating the fulfillment you are here to enjoy.

  • Teach you how to move beyond perceived limitation and start manifesting what you truly want.

  • Understand the nature of your soul.

Soul Realignment quickly gets to the root cause of financial, relationship and health issues. You will gain clear insight into your current experience and, with that understanding, show a clear path into new circumstances.

While in your Akashic Records I will clear past negative choices you have made along with clearing the blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from accessing our own Divinity.

I will look at where your Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work with in particular, and what specialties’ it has focused on. All of this information gives you a comprehensive overview of your Soul Purpose for this lifetime ... and it is invaluable.

The Akashic Records tells us how we created our present-life circumstances through our past choices.  Negative choices are choices that create misalignments to our own Divinity. They are choices that do not express who we truly are ... that’s what makes them negative. And of course, negative choices have negative consequences, some of which affect us lifetime after lifetime. 

The energetic consequences of these choices are known as “negative blocks and restrictions.” They literally block and restrict us from accessing our Divine Gifts, and living our purpose.  Negative blocks keep us from successful and timely manifestation, which in turn keeps us swimming in the same situation year after year.

A soul realignment reading offers a highly structured frame of reference that yields extremely accurate and precise information.  I don’t plan on giving you an ‘interesting reading’, I will however, deliver a full comprehensive record of specifics that you can actually put into action to change your life for the better right away.